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Special Prize at Cervignano Film Festival!

The Documentary “Looking for a Friend” won the SPECIAL PRIZE in the documentary section at CERVIGNANO FILM FESTIVAL.

Written and directed by Karma Gava and Alvise Morato (Italia/Giappone, 2012)
Music composed by Emiliano Imondi and Daniele Furlan


Great strings overdub service by great violinist Andrew Smith


I am happy to announce that our friend, the violinist Andrew Smith is now online with a new strings overdub service! The website is http://www.stringsessionsonline.com and represent an invaluable resource for all composers, songwriter and producer.

The project is designed to provide the commercial music industry with overdubbed strings for Film, Tv, Radio and more…

Strings Session Online is a cost effective solution for booking studio time with top notch session players!


New collaboration with english violinist/violist Andrew Smith

Hi to everyone, i am happy to inform you that a new collaboration with the excellent musician Andrew Smith began. Andrew is a professional and award winning english violinist/violist and we are honored to work with and have him on our team. His experience as a concert performer, soloist and studio musician expand our creative and productive possibilities both in film and concert music. We recently worked on the overdub recording of the string parts in the piece titled “Main Theme” (currently in the mixing stage) which will shortly be posted in the music section of our website. I would also point out the beautiful work done by Andrew with his “Elan Duo” with Elina Christova at the piano. The project focuses on the production of the entire series of Beethoven’s violin and cello sonatas … I would invite all of you to listen carefully because, as a composer, i consider that all the work is permeated by a beautiful interplay and a high expressive and communicative strength. Thanks Andrew and Elina

Emiliano Imondi

My name among the 6 selected for the Workshop in film music at the Social World Film Festival


I am pleased to announce that i am one of the 6 composers selected to participate at the film music workshop at the third edition of the Social World Film Festival to be held from 5 to 9 June in Vico Equense, Sorrento (NA), Italy


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