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I’ ll tell you a story: ‘Le nozze di Figaro’

Recently, we had the pleasure to attend the premiere of a reduced edition of  W. A. Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro”, the first collaboration of a successful series, as you know, between the great composer and the librettist Da Ponte.

Directed and adapted by Maura Ippoliti, author of the stage costumes and performer herself (Marcellina), assisted by Valeria Vitaterna (pianist), the actor Cristiano Leopardi as voice-over and the singers Federico Benetti (Figaro), Lorena Grazia Scarselli (
Susanna), Mauro Utzeri (Conte), Ornella Pratesi (Contessa), Laura de la Fuente (Cherubino), Guido Bernoni (Basilio), this masterpiece of Mozart lives again for us in a more concise, but still respectful of the great music genius, guise.

Everybody knows the conditions of the music in Italy nowadays, for example the farewell of Riccardo Muti from Rome’s Opera, in a surrounding of economical difficulties and of public institutions indifference. This experience has been produced and organized by “Accademia degli Invaghiti” and named “Vi racconto l’opera”; it is one of many small but important realities fighting against the current situation, trying to create interest among the people, it demonstrates how it is possible to realize excellent products despite a low budget, also thank to the union of experts in the field.
We hope to see new works soon.

The show will play again Sunday, November 23th, 2014 at ‘Teatro degli Invaghiti’ in Rome.

Info: 3356077827

(From left to right: G. Bernoni, L. de la Fuente, L. G. Scarselli, F. Benetti, C. Leopardi, M. Ippoliti, V. Vitaterna, O. Pratesi, M. Utzeri)

New video of my work “Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme” (Two Pianos Version) on the CIDIM youtube channel

I am very glad to announce that has been published on the CIDIM (Italian National Music Comittee) Youtube Chanel the video of my work “Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme” (two pianos version) performed last october at the Conservatory of Music “L. Refice” of Frosinone. Thanks to Cosmo Nocenzi and Andrea Rotondi for their performance.


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