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Chronicles from Lisbon: Duo “Contrasti”

Last week I’ve got the chance to be in Lisbon to assist at the performance of a work of mine, a Suite in three movements (Lento, Allegro moderato, Con moto) for violin and double-bass I wrote for Duo ‘Contrasti’, a project founded in 1994 by the violinist Diana Tzonkova and the double bassist Ercole De Conca, both Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra members.

I followed this couple of musicians for three dates, from 30 october till 1 November, in different places in Lisbon as ‘Pacos de Coelho’ in the City Hall, ‘El corte Ingles’ where the concert was smartly introduced by Alexandre Delgado,  a famous violist and composer himself , and at ‘Salao Azul da Casa Mora’ in Montijo.

Furthermore was played a sonata by a portuguese composer, Frederico de Freitas. The original manuscript was for Violin and Cello and this transcription for double-bass is an example how this amazing ensemble works. Indeed ‘some times I felt like I had to change octave on some of the bass phrases’ said Ercole ‘so that the two melodic lines didn’t overlap in a confusing way’. An impressive result that proves the perfect fusion of two sounds able to create a unique sonority resulting from two extremes of the string family so apparently different in range and timber.

‘Frederico de Freitas is one of the most representative composer in the XX century Portuguese scene’ said Ercole ‘this sonata, written in 1923, is the first example of polytonality in the Iberic peninsula […] A photocopy of the manuscript was kept in the library of the Metropolitan Orchestra and it was for years on the list of things I wanted to read. On a summer afternoon I had an inspiration and I started to read it. Immediately I became aware of the validity of this composition in spite of the poor state of the manuscript. This gave me the urge to make a transcription also because it isn’t been published yet. A real buried treasure!

At last, the concerts ended with a charming encore, the first movement of the Concert Duo by E. Meyer.

Duo ‘Contrasti’ will revisit Nino Rota absolute music in a series of three concerts shortly announced on their web site. Mr Rota music is well known to the large audience for its legacy with music track. Although less popular, his absolute music production (music not related to movies) is not less interesting. The double bass Divertimento concertante, the d minor violin Sonata altogether with Mr Rota Trio will be presented in the upcoming concerts featuring Mrs Anna Thomasik on the piano.



New collaboration with english violinist/violist Andrew Smith

Hi to everyone, i am happy to inform you that a new collaboration with the excellent musician Andrew Smith began. Andrew is a professional and award winning english violinist/violist and we are honored to work with and have him on our team. His experience as a concert performer, soloist and studio musician expand our creative and productive possibilities both in film and concert music. We recently worked on the overdub recording of the string parts in the piece titled “Main Theme” (currently in the mixing stage) which will shortly be posted in the music section of our website. I would also point out the beautiful work done by Andrew with his “Elan Duo” with Elina Christova at the piano. The project focuses on the production of the entire series of Beethoven’s violin and cello sonatas … I would invite all of you to listen carefully because, as a composer, i consider that all the work is permeated by a beautiful interplay and a high expressive and communicative strength. Thanks Andrew and Elina

Emiliano Imondi

New video of my work “Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme” (Two Pianos Version) on the CIDIM youtube channel

I am very glad to announce that has been published on the CIDIM (Italian National Music Comittee) Youtube Chanel the video of my work “Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme” (two pianos version) performed last october at the Conservatory of Music “L. Refice” of Frosinone. Thanks to Cosmo Nocenzi and Andrea Rotondi for their performance.


Video of my chamber work “Sonata for Cello and Piano” on the CIDIM Youtube Channel

I am very glad to announce that today was published the video of my chamber work “Sonata for Cello and Piano” on the CIDIM (Italian National Music Comittee).

Here’s the link:


First execution of my last work “Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme” for two pianos

I am happy to announce that it has been programmed for the day October 18, 2012 at the event “The week of the contemporary” to be held in the hall “D. Paris” at the Conservatory of Music “L. Refice” in Frosinone, the first performance of my last work “Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme” for two pianos. The song will be performed by pianists Cosmo Nocenzi and Andrea Rotondi

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