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New Orchestral Action/Adventure Track released!

Hello everyone, i am proud to announce that it has been completed the post production of my last work. The title is “Time Escapes” you can find it in the music section of our website.

The track in Action / Adventure genre is written for orchestra with the addition of electronic elements. I hope you like it.

A special thanks to our friend and colleague Pierangelo Ambroselli, sound engineer at the Tool Cube Recording Studio, that was responsible for the mixing and mastering of the track.

Please listen it and share your opinions

Thanks, and stay tuned for updates!


Started the mixing stage of my latest orchestral track

Hi everyone, today i have started the mixing of the new orchestral work “Time escape” stay tuned for other updates and audio demos!

Begin to working on a new track for the Action/Adventure section

Hello everyone, yesterday I finished the composition of the new track for the genre Action / Adventure, and now I’m starting the stage of orchestration. Stay tuned for updates on the development process.

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