Music can name

the unnamable and

communicate the unknowable.

Leonard Bernstein



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Music expresses
what can not be said
and on which it is impossible
to remain silent.

Victor Hugo

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A new and Professional  Team of Composers.

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Wavecraft Film Scoring Project is a creative team was born for the composition and production of original music applied to images and media: Films, TV, Documentaries, Video Games etc. The wide variety of styles in our music production guarantees the right mood for any kind of narrative situation. The compositions spreads from solo instruments pieces to big orchestral scores, where the symphonic textures perfectly blend with popular, ethnic and electronic elements.

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Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger - Sound Designer


omposer, arranger and guitarist based in Rome, Italy. He began to study classical and jazz guitar with various teachers. From 2005 he studied with American jazz pianist Barry Harris. He’s graduated in Composition at the Frosinone Music Conservatory with M° Antonio D’Antò, he also graduated in Jazz Guitar and Jazz Arranging at the same institute. Since 2010 he attended the international master classes of composition in Norcia, Italy. In the same years he began to working as arranger with the Jazz Orchestra of the Conservatory of Frosinone and as composer and orchestrator with the Symphony Orchestra of the same institute. In 2014 he earned a master in Film Scoring “Music and Tech Applied on Films” at the Forum Academy in the prestigious Forum Music Village Recording Studios founded in ’69 by italian award-winning composers Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovajoli and Louis Bacalov.

In 2014 he won “The Respighi Prize International Composers Competition” with the work Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme for string orchestra, and in the same year his music drama Odisseo e Calipso for two voices and orchestra is awarded with “Honorable Mention” at the “Boston Metro Opera Composers Competition”. On December 2015 he debuts at Carnegie Hall in New York City with Chamber Orchestra of NY conducted by Salvatore Di Vittorio.

Recently he was selected as a finalist at the “Boston Guitar Fest Composition Competition 2016” with the piece for solo guitar Riflessi del Cielo in una Pozzanghera and at the contest “In Clausura 2014” with the piece for cello ensemble Tempus Fugit that has been performed for the occasion by Giovanni Sollima and the 100cellos in Teatro dell’Arte in Milan.

On March 2, 2016 his work Echi tra Spazio e Tempo for two voices and piano, commissioned by the Italian artist Michele Cossyro, has premiered at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome for the inaugural event of the Cossyro’s exhibition Black Holes.

His composer activity spreads also in applied music: in 2013 he composed the music for the short-movie A Plastic Love by Corrado Ceron (1st prize at the 3rd edition of “Social World Film Festival” in Vico Equense, Italy) and the soundtrack of the documentary Looking for a Friend by Karma Gava and Alvise Morato (1st Prize at “Roma3Film Festival” 2014, Special Prize at “Cervignano Film Festival” 2013). In 2014 he took part in the composition of the stage music for the theatrical drama The Slaughter of Job by Fausto Paravidino with Filippo Dini and Monica Samassa, premiered at the Bozar Théâtre in Brussels.

His works has been performed worldwide in some prestigious theater and concert halls for various festivals and events: Carnegie Hall in New York City, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome for the celebration of “150° Anniversary of Unity of Italy”, Cenacle Hall at Chamber of Deputies in Rome, Teatro dell’Arte in Milan, International Music Festival “Suona Francese” annual event organized by the French and Italian Embassy, “The Week of Contemporary” in Frosinone, Palazzo Ducezio for the Noto International Music Festival “NotoMusica 2013” , “InChiostro” Music Festival in Frosinone, “XXVII° International Chamber Music Festival” in Norcia, “International Selection” at Bozar Theater in Brussels, Théâtre de la Commune of Aubervilliers Paris, Théâtre Liberté in Toulon, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura etc.

His works are published by M.A.P. Editions for contemporary music and by Limited Music Trade for applied music.

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Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger - Sound Designer

He’s  born in Gorizia (Italy) on 16 october 1982 and starts studying classic piano with private teachers achieving the first titles at the Conservatory ‘L.Perosi’. Later he dedicates himself to the modern pianism.

He’s graduated in ‘History, Sciences, Techniques of Music and Show Entertainment’ at Tor Vergata University (Rome, It) with the maximum grade and in Composition at the Consevatory ‘L.Refice’ (Frosinone, It)

During the years he alternates the songwriter production with the applied music, such as soundtracks for web librarys, short movies, documentaries, spots (‘Europe Corporation Films’, Rome 2001/2002; Idyllium Edizioni, Milan, 2006; Stanhome, 2012; Technogel, 2014).

From 2007 to 2009 he collaborates  with ‘Stella Edizioni’ (Latina, It) as studio arranger . This experience permits him to deeply analyze pop music and other musical genres, performing as keyboard player and singer.  Furthermore, he writes musical reviews for  local press and websites.

From 2010 on his works are performed in several festivals and events:  ‘Objects’ (2010)  for tenor and sopran sax, performed at Norcia (‘Umbria Classica’); ‘Asiolè’ (2012) for clarinet and piano at Noto in  the ‘Concert Society, City Of Noto’;  ‘Trivium‘ (2013) written for Duo Contrasti and performed in Lisbon  and ‘Suite’ (2014) for the same ensemble.  He collaborates to the soundtracks for the documentary “In Cerca di un Amico” by Karma Gava e Alvise Morato (1°Award at the IX° edition of  “Roma Tre Film Festival”, and Special Award at “Cervignano Film Festival”, 1°Award at ’Alta Langa Film Festival).

On 2015 he works in Portugal again as arranger and keyboard player for Duo Contrasti. This time writes for a quintet  (sopran, violin, doublebass, keyboards and percussions),  playing music by Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota.



The music is

everything you listen

with the intent to listen to music.

Luciano Berio

Our | Services

We have a unique

blend of talent that allows

us to offer such a diverse

range of services.

Our strong classical training together with our adeptness and experience of working with cutting edge technology enables us to create highly individual scores. We have the ability to score in many styles, equally at home writing for orchestra or creating sample based scores.


How it work?
  • Send us an email through our contact form​ describing your project including details on your budget and deadline.
  • Email us your sample video file, upload it on Vimeo or use our online Dropbox, or Wetransfer.
  • We provide you a full email quote and completion time for you to approve.
  • If you agree we score your project, realize a mock-up and send it to you in mp3 format for approval.
  • If its not exactly what you want we are happy to discuss and make the revisions at no extra charge!
  • We can overdub some or all instruments if you want real players for your soundtrack.
  • Once you are satisfied with the project you can make payment via paypal or bank transfer.
  • Once you have paid we will send you a link to your files in the format you request AIFF, or WAV.
Can you work on budget?
Yes. We are happy to discuss a collaboration based on your budget. Thanks to our flexibility we are able to offer and develop a specific project to the requirements of your production. Our approach is based on dialogue and allows us to make you an active part in our workflow.
How i can i request a quote?
Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page, describe in detail your project by providing much information as possible also about the type of work, budget, deadlines, your idea about the type of music you think is more appropriate and so on. We’ll gladly to evaluate the information and give you back a draft of the work and the related costs

Music helps not to feel inside

how quiet it is outside.

Johann Sebastian Bach

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The first thing

to make music is not

to make noise.

José Bergamin

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Music is a higher revelation

than all wisdom and philosophy.

Ludwig van Beethoven


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